Pre-E3 2017

Video Games - Last StarfighterJune has returned, summer is in the air, and the groundhogs are tearing up my garden, which can only mean E3. Here is what I’m excited to see at the show of shows.

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E3 2015 Wrap-up

Captjc V6 SmallThis has been one of the better E3 seasons in a while. This generation of consoles have been firmly established so it’s just lots of good games. Also, if there was one theme of this show it was playable female protagonists. As someone who isn’t a fan of the “Large ‘roid-raging Space Marine”, the ability to play as a strong female character is a refreshing change of pace. Besides, if I am going to stare at a character’s ass for 20+ hours, I would prefer it at least be a nice-looking ass. Hopefully this will not be a fad but will continue well into the future.

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