Jc’s List of Free PC (Windows) Programs

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Last Updated: January, 2019



  • Cemu: Experimental Wii U Emulator
  • Dolphin: Gamecube / Wii Emulator
  • DOSBox: A DOS Emulator
  • ePSXe: A Playstation Emulator
  • FCE Ultra: NES Emulator
  • FS-UAE: Amiga Emulator
  • Higan: Cycle-accurate emulator for NES, SNES, Gameboy, GBA, and more
  • MAME: Multiple Arcade Emulator, Plays classic arcade games
  • PCSX2: Playstation 2 Emulator
  • Project64: Nintendo 64 Emulator
  • RetroArch: Full-Screen Multi-Emulator Front-End
  • SNES9x: Super Nintendo Emulator
  • Stella: Atari 2600 Emulator
  • VICE: Versatile Commodore Emulator
  • VirtualBox: PC Virtualization Software
  • Visual Boy Advance-M: Gameboy, GB Color, GB Advance Emulator



Math and Engineering

  • Autodesk 123D Design: A 3D CAD program (free registration required)
  • DesignSpark Mechanical: A CAD package for creating 3D models (Free registration required)
  • DIA Diagrams: Diagramming Software
  • FreeCAD: An open source parametric 3D CAD program
  • Gnuplot: A Mathematical Graphing Tool
  • Graph Paper Printer: Prints Custom Graph Paper
  • Kepler – Graphical tool for designing and executing scientific simulations, models, and workflows
  • LTspice: Free Circuit Schematic and Design software
  • Maxima: Maple-like Computer Algebra System
  • Microsoft Mathematics: A simple math suite with step-by-step equation solving and 2D and 3D graphing
  • Octave: Full-featured MATLAB clone with huge library
  • OpenModelica – Open Source Modelica modeling and simulation environment
  • Scilab: A MATLAB-like Environment with Simulink-like modeling environment
  • TinyCAD: Circuit Schematic Program


  • Audacity: Open Source Audio Editor
  • Calibre: eBook manager and reader that supports RSS, format conversions, and many ebook readers
  • Camstudio: A screencasting program
  • ComicRack: Powerful Comicbook Reader and Manager
  • Handbrake: Open Source Video Transcoder
  • iTunes: Apples media manager and store
  • Kodi: (Formerly XBMC) Nice Media Center application with a “10 ft User Interface”
  • MakeMKV: DVD and Blu-Ray ripper (NOTE: free while in beta)
  • MP3Tag: The Universal metadata tag editor
  • Shairport4w:  Turn PC into AirPlay speakers to Stream music wirelessly from your iPod/iPad/iPhone/iTunes.
  • ShareX: Professional Screen Capture Program
  • Stream Ripper: Converts Shoutcast Streams to MP3s
  • VLC: Swiss Army Knife of Media, Plays everthing from DVDs to movies
  • Wink: A Program Tutorial Creator



  • Abiword: A Simple Intuitive Word Processor
  • Abricotine: A WYSIWYG Markdown editor
  • Aspell: A Spell Checker
  • Evince: A Full-Featured PDF Reader
  • Gobby: A Collaborative Text Editor that supports ZeroConf Networking
  • HottNotes: Desktop Sticky Notes
  • LibreOffice: OpenOffice alternative
  • Lyx: A LaTeX based Word Processor
  • MarkdownPad: Full-featured Markdown editor
  • NeoJournal: NeoJournal is an offline, personal journal
  • OneNote: Microsoft’s free-form notebook
  • OpenOffice: FOSS Office Suite
  • PDF Toolkit: PDF Manipulation Tools
  • Scribus: Page Layout / Publishing Tool
  • SumatraPDF: A Fast Lightweight PDF Viewer for Windows
  • TiddlyWiki: A personal wiki in the form of a self-contained, self-modifying HTML file. Great as a personal notebook or even simple blog
  • Tomboy Notes: A Notetaking Application / Personal Wiki
  • Vym: Mind Mapping Software
  • Zim: A Wiki-like personal notebook


  • Blender: 3D Content Creation Suite
  • Paint.NET: A Powerful and Easy to use Image Editor
  • The Gimp: GNU Image Manipulation Program, Powerful with a Steep Learning Curve
  • Inkscape: Vector Graphics Program Similar to Adobe Illustrator


  • API Monitor: Debug tool to monitor and control API calls  made by applications and services
  • Boa Constructor: Cross-Platform Python IDE / wxWidgets GUI Builder
  • Code::Blocks: Open Source Cross-Platform C++ IDE
  • Dev-C++: The Venerable old C++ IDE that just won’t die.
  • Diffuse: Diff and Merge program supporting up to three files and manual alignment
  • Doxygen: The Documentation Generator
  • FreeBASIC: QuickBASIC’s Spiritual Sucessor
  • Fossil: A distributed Version Control system with built-in Wiki and Bug ticketing
  • Geany IDE: A Generic IDE that can be configured for Multiple Languages
  • KDiff3: Diff and Merge program supporting up to three files and manual alignment
  • Meld: A Diff / Merge Tool with a great User Interface
  • Mercurial: A user friendly distributed version control system with Tortoise-Hg Shell
  • Notepad++: Powerful Text Editor and IDE
  • Nullsoft’s Scriptable Install System: Creates Installers for Projects
  • Python: Python Runtime and IDLE IDE
  • Sharp Develop: A FOSS C#, VB, and .NET IDE
  • TortoiseGit: An Explorer shell extension for GIT
  • Veracity: A distributed Version Control system with built-in Shell Extension, Wiki, and Bug tracking
  • Visual Studio Code: Lightweight extensible multi-platform IDE.
  • Visual Studio Community: Visual Studio IDE for Non-profit or Single developers.  (Free Registration Required)
  • WinMerge: File differencing and merging tool
  • WinPython: Everything you need for professional python development in a complete and portable package.



  • 7 Zip: FOSS Universal Archival Tool
  • Ant Renamer: Easy-To-Use Mass File Renamer
  • AutoHotKey: Free Windows Scripting and Mouse / Keyboard Macro Utility
  • Bonjour Framework: Adds the ZeroConf Framework to Windows
  • CDBurn XP: Free Powerful Disc Burning Application
  • Cheat Engine: A Windows Memory editor and game cheating tool
  • Console: Windows Console Enhancement Shell
  • Copy Handler: Utility for managing, queuing, and pausing file copy operations
  • Cygwin: Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows
  • HashTab: Creates a tab in File Properties to generate and compare file hashes (Free for non-commercial use)
  • Fake Flash Test: Program to test if size of an SD card is as reported.
  • ImDisk: Driver to mount virtual drive using image files or RAM
  • ImgBurn: The Swiss Army Knife of Disc Burning
  • InputMapper: Allows Remapping of game controller buttons and can emulate a virtual 360 controller (Adware / Donationware)
  • KDE: The K Desktop Suite
  • LinuxLive USB Creater: Windows tool to make live bootable Linux USB image
  • Mouse Without Borders: Share mouse and Keyboard with up to 4 computers.
  • Offline Update: Downloads MS Updates and creates an ISO
  • PrimoPDF Printer: Opensource Driver to Print any Document to a PDF
  • PortableApps Suite: A Suite of customized versions of Apps that run can from a Pen Drive
  • PowerShell: Windows PowerShell
  • Process Explorer: Advanced Task Manager replacement and resource monitor.
  • RealTerm: Serial Capture Software
  • TestDisk: Multiplatform hard drive data recovery tool (Command Line Only)
  • WinMD5Free: File Checksum Generator and Verification
  • XMing: X11 Server for Windows

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