Jc’s List of Free MacOS Programs

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Last Updated: June, 2018



  • Boxer: A wrapper for DOSBox to allow running DOS programs on Macs
  • Boycott Advance: GBA Emulator
  • BSNES: SNES Emulator
  • DOSBox: A DOS Emulator
  • Genesis Plus: Sega Genesis Emulator
  • NEStopia: NES Emulator
  • OpenEmu – Multisystem Emulator With classy interface (Nintendo, Sega, and more)
  • Q: CPU Emulator
  • RetroArch: Full-Screen Multi-Emulator Front-End
  • SCUMMVM: LucasArt Adventure Player
  • SixtyForce: N64 Emulator
  • SMS Plus: Sega Game Gear and Master System Emulator
  • SNES 9x: SNES Emulator
  • Stella: Atari 2600 Emulator
  • Sweet16: Apple IIGS (and by extension, IIe) Emulator
  • VirtualBox: x86 Virtualization Software
  • WineBottler: A simple wrapper for Wine to create app bundles for Windows programs on Macs
  • Wineskin Winery – An advanced wrapper for Wine to create app bundles for Windows programs on Macs
  • Zoom: An Infocom Interpreter and Manager



  • Adium: Multiprotocal Instant Messenger Client
  • Colloquy: IRC Client
  • Firefox: Mozilla’s Powerful Web browser
  • Google Chrome: Google’s Web Browser with a design for simplicity
  • Quassel IRC: Multiplatform Distributed IRC Client
  • Vienna: RSS and Atom News Reader

Math and Engineering

  • Autodesk 123D Design: A 3D CAD program (free registration required)
  • Freemat: Free MATLAB Clone With GUI
  • Gnuplot: A Mathematical Graphing Tool
  • Kepler – Graphical tool for designing and executing scientific simulations, models, and workflows
  • MacSpice: SPICE for Mac
  • Octave: Full-featured MATLAB clone with huge library
  • OpenModelica – Open Source Modelica modeling and simulation environment
  • SciLab: A MATLAB-like Environment
  • Spyder: An interactive Python environment designed for scientific and numeric computation
  • wxMaxima: A full Featured Symbolic CAS


  • Handbrake: Open Source Video Transcoder
  • Kodi: (Formerly XBMC) Nice Media Center application with a “10 ft User Interface”
  • MakeMKV: DVD and Blu-Ray ripper (NOTE: free while in beta)
  • Miro: Video Aggregator and Media Portal, Like iTunes for Video
  • Miro Video Converter: Converts videos to different formats and for different devices
  • PDF2PSP: Turns PDFs into JPG Images (Useful for PDF to Comicbook formats)
  • Simple Comic: A Comic (CBZ, CBR) Viewer
  • StreamRipper X: Rips Shoutcast Streams to MP3
  • VLC: Swiss Army Knife of Media, Plays everthing from MP3s to DVDs


  • AirPwn: Packet Injection program with potential for fun, nasty and or evil applications
  • CyberDuck: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV & Amazon S3 Browser
  • Fugu: A Mac OS X SFTP, SCP and SSH Frontend
  • Kismac: Passive Wireless Scanner
  • TOR: The Onion Router
  • VineServer: VNC Server


  • Bean: Free Feature Rich Word Processor
  • GnuCash: The cross-platform financial-accounting software
  • Kompozer: Simple Webpage creator
  • LibreOffice: OpenOffice alternative
  • Lyx: A LaTeX based Word Processor
  • MacDown: A markdown editor
  • OneNote: Microsoft’s free-form notebook
  • OpenOffice: An Office Suite
  • Scribus: Page Layout / Publishing Tool
  • TiddlyWiki: A personal wiki in the form of a self-contained, self-modifying HTML file. Great as a personal notebook or even simple blog
  • Tofu: A columned document reader
  • Tomboy Notes: Notetaking / Personal Wiki
  • xPad: A multi-document Notebook


  • 0xED: Hex Editor
  • Doxygen: The Documentation Generator
  • Gedit: The Gnome Text Editor
  • KDiff3: Diff and Merge program supporting up to three files and manual alignment
  • Mercurial: A Distributed Version Control system
  • Platypus: Wraps Scripts into .App Bundles for easy distribution and Running
  • Python: Python Runtime and IDLE Shell
  • svnX: SvnX is an open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary
  • TextWrangler – Programmer’s Text Editor
  • Visual Studio Code: Lightweight extensible multi-platform IDE.
  • Visual Studio For Mac: Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE for Mac (Free Registration Required)
  • Xamarin Studio: A cross-platform IDE for writing Mono (.NET) programs
  • XCode: Apple’s development tools


  • Boxer: A wrapper for DOSBox to allow running DOS programs on Macs
  • Burn: burning application for Mac OS X
  • Disk Inventory X: Disk usage utility
  • Fink: Linux Program Repository and Installer based on the Debian Utilities (ie. Apt-Get for Mac!)
  • FreeDMG: a Quick and Easy Utility for making Disk Images with Drag and Drop Support
  • GPGTools: A Mac native port of the GNU Privacy Guard (An Open Source PGP replacement)
  • iRed Lite: Utility for Apple Remotes
  • iTerm2: The sequel to the wonderful Terminal Replacement
  • KDE: The K Desktop Suite
  • MacPorts: a BSD Program repository and Installer based on the FreeBSD Ports
  • Malwarebytes: Malware Scanner
  • NameChanger: Batch Renaming Program
  • Synergy – A cross Platform utility to share mouse, keyboard and clipboard with other computers (Paid)
  • TestDisk: Multiplatform hard drive data recovery tool (Command Line Only)
  • UnArchiver: A Powerful Unarchival tool supporting many file types
  • WineBottler: A simple wrapper for Wine to create app bundles for Windows programs on Macs
  • Wineskin Winery – An advanced wrapper for Wine to create app bundles for Windows programs on Macs
  • XMenu: A customizable “Apple Menu / Start Menu” for OS X
  • XQuartz: The X11 Server for Mac (X11.app)
  • XScreensavers: The Original OpenGL Screen Hacks For linux now for Mac


  • Fraise: A Fork of the now dead Smultron Text Editor (10.6 Only) (DEAD)
  • Growl: A Popup Communication Framework (PAID)
  • ImageBurner: Simplified Way to Burn Disc Images without mucking around in the Disk Utility (DEAD)
  • iStrip: A Webcomic Viewer / Archiver (DEAD)
  • iStumbler: Wireless discovery tool for finding Wifi networks, Bluetooth and Bonjour services (PAID)
  • iTerm: A wonderful Terminal Replacement (DEAD)
  • Pallet: Frontend to MacPorts Package Manager (Broken)
  • Senuti: Tool to copy songs from iPod to computer (PAID)
  • Smultron: An Advanced text editor that supports dynamic searching, and language highlighting (PAID)
  • Transmission: Powerful Bittorrent Client (Compromised)
  • Vultures: Graphical Versions of NetHack and Slash’EM (PAID)
  • Wallsaver – Use screensavers as animated Wallpaper (DEAD)

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