What I Want From Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch presentation coming soon, I thought I would make a list of the things I would love to see from the new platform. These aren’t predictions but they hopefully aren’t unrealistic delusions either.

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2016: I Picked The Wrong Year To Quit Being A Cynical Asshole


Last year, I made a resolution to quit being that guy. In 2015, I believed that I had reached a level of jaded cynicism that I probably haven’t been since I was a brooding teenager. I vowed to look 2016 head on and be excited at what I was to experience, to hope for the best with what was to come, and above all, to not be that vat of negative energy that sucks all the joy out of life. I have been around too many people like that and I didn’t want to become one myself, dammit!

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E3 2016 – We Are VR Troopers

lawnmowerman2Another E3 has come and gone. We have new hardware and software to look forward to. It almost seems like Sony and Microsoft want people to believe that this generation is over and a new one is just beginning. The biggest push in the coming months seems to be VR. This technology has peeled back a layer to reveal another universe. Virtual reality will grow, just as the telegraph grew to the telephone – as the radio to the TV – it will be everywhere.

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2015 – The Year of Futures Past (Part 1)

TOTAL RECALL FUCK EMThere I was, October 21, eating cake and ice cream and thinking how great I had it, *flash*, everything changes. My flying skateboard turned into some crappy balance-board with wheels and immediately caught fire. My car no longer flies, I have to remember how to tie my shoes, and worse I must settle for imperfect Pepsi! All this because of some kid and his grampa in a DeLorean. The worse part is nobody believes me that this happened. Insane, right? Goodbye 2015. Continue reading

E3 2015 – I Said, “Hey, What’s Going On?”

Captjc V6 SmallJune is almost upon us. As I sit in my air conditioned room typing on my new Macbook Pro, I realize the irony that now that I am at the age when I finally have the disposable income to buy games and consoles and other such expensive toys merely on a whim, I no longer have the kind of time to actually sit down and enjoy them. Oh hell, let’s just talk about games!

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Mein Bier – Hitler Beer Slogans

There ain’t no news like old news. I have recently discovered that an Italian distributor  is selling booze with pictures of Hitler, Mussolini, and other infamous historical leaders. So, for the fun of it, I have come up with my Letterman Top 10 list of advertising slogans to help market this interesting product. Now, without further ado, here is der Führer of Flavor! 

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