Legend Of Zelda Key Hook

Here is my latest project, A Legend Of Zelda Key Hook. More detail can be found on my Deviant Art Page.

Zelda Key Hook


Apple iPad Retina Wallpaper Guide

I am posting a simple guide for creating custom wallpaper for Retina iPads. This contains references for the Portrait and Landscape dimension as well as locations of various home screen landmarks (page indicator, dock, and status bar). Just download and make your image right on top of the template.

Retina Guide

Retina Template (Click to view full image)

Web Comic Scrapers Update

Captjc V6 SmallI wanted to find a new way to enjoy my favorite web comics without the need for an Internet Connection. Plus since I have a iPad and a Kindle, I felt that I needed a way to get these comics on my eReaders. I have written a simple python script to download the entirety of my favorite web comics into a folder. It came mostly as a test of the BeautifulSoup HTML parser library for python.

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I got a 3D Printer!


So I finally bought a 3D Printer – an Afinia H-Series! I’ve been told that they were easy to use, and ready to print almost straight from the box. They are, however towards the mid-end of the hobbyist printer market at around $1600. Much cheaper than a Makerbot Replicator 2x but also not as large of a print surface (5 in3 compared to 9.8 x 6.3 x 5.9 in) and only a single extruder but also more expensive and easier to use than the many sub-$1000 kit printers. I believe that between the ease of setup and use as well as the fairly good print quality justifies the somewhat high price tag. However, this is a hobbyist printer, so don’t expect to get industrial-quality parts without quite a bit of post-work. This also isn’t anywhere close to being on par with a Million-dollar Stratasys industrial printer (which if you have access to, are really sweet). The last caveat is the print time. The Mac Icon below took around 2.5 hours, the Yo-Yo (which I also designed) was around 5 hours, the shuttlecraft was about 6 hours (not counting painting), and the Macintosh pencil holder was about 8 hours.



It’s Not News, it’s FARK the Whiteboard

Here is a quickie. I am resurrecting old internet memes in analog form and you can too! Just buy a whiteboard, print out this template onto sticker paper, cut it out, and apply it to the whiteboard and you too will be rocking to the retro visuals of early 2000’s FARK memes!

The Template.
I took the original and removed the background, adjusted the contrast and redid the lettering.

Radio Surfing In Style For Cheap (Or Getting Started with RTL-SDR)

Software Defined Radio is one of the coolest things to happen in the field of electronics since the personal computer. Instead of requiring lots of expensive single-purpose hardware, SDR does most of the work in software meaning that all you really need is an antenna, a special box, and a modestly powerful PC. These boxes such as the USRP by Ettus Research typically go for hundreds of dollars, which is cheap for hobbyists and researchers but not for broke-ass guy like me. Needless to say, when I heard about a $30 “el cheapo” TV dongle that could be used as an SDR, I quicky bought one.

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