Farewell Google Reader

RSS Feeds

Google Reader is officially dead. So what are you going to do now? Here are a list of some good free RSS readers.

If you want a full drop-in replacement, you can’t go wrong with Feedly. It’s a browser-based application that exists as an plugin or as an app for Apple iOS and Android. As a Webapp, it is synced across your devices, just like Google Reader.

If you only have one device or would rather just have a strait up RSS client here are a few of my personal favorites. For Windows, there is RSSOwl (PC). It is a basic RSS reader in written in Java. Vienna is probably the best reader for MacOS X. It features a “river of news” style feed that is customizable with various themes. On the linux front, there is Akregator on KDE and Liferea for GTK based Desktops such as Gnome and XFCE. These are both pretty capable readers and, if they aren’t already installed by default, are probably just an apt-get or yum command away.

If you want some more alternatives, here is a nice comprehensive list courtesy of GigaOM.

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Custom Bash Prompts

I am a terminal junkie. When I was a kid, the first thing that I ever learned to do on a computer was program BASIC on a command line. Then I learned DOS (mostly to play smutty games like Leisure Suit Larry). When I discovered Linux, the amount of raw unadulterated power that could be had from the command line blew me away. It made DOS seem primitive and ancient by comparison. One thing that I really grew to love was my customized command line.

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Kubuntu 11.04 – It doesn’t suck!

I have played around with Linux for a long time. I bought (yes, bought) a copy of Red Hat 5 at a flea market when I was 12. Over a decade later, I have been keeping up with it on and off. Until I got my Macbook, linux has been my programming environment of choice (when I had a choice).   Having grown up with my childhood disaster that was Red Hat 5, graduating to Red Hat 9 (another purchase), and later Fedora Core 2-4 (I liked FC3 but 4 was a complete disaster IMO), switching to a bunch of different distros (including Scientific Linux, and the late great PHLAK Linux) and settling on this new little distro called Ubuntu, I have watched Linux grow and mature from a hobby *NIX clone to the OS we know and love.  I have also been going back and forth between Desktop Managers / Desktop environments for as long as I have been using Linux. I started with nothing (I couldn’t for the life of me get RH5 to run X on my old 486 Packard Bell), tried Red Hat’s Gnome (GNOME 2.x), Caldera‘s KDE (KDE 2.x), WindowMaker, AfterStep, XFCE, watched GNOME evolve from a cool GUI to a dumbed-down bloated experience, and watched KDE go from a Fisher-Price overly-complex mess to the debacle known as KDE 4.0.

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