2019: It’s here, I guess.

2019 is here. I can’t say that I’m that excited. It is just another date on the calendar and a new number I have to remember to write on my checks. My current feelings about the coming year involves less giddy anticipation and more just morbid curiosity about how disappointed I will be.

Video games seem to be losing their magic for me. Once the idea of a new console generation was a wonderful prospect now it’s just another piece of hardware I need to buy. I used to follow video game releases religiously, now outside of E3, I find it hard to care. Cyberpunk 2077 is the closest thing to actual anticipation I have. I’m sure Metroid Prime 4, Luigis Mansion 3, Life is Strange 2, and The Valley Of The Gods will be fine games. I will probably pick them up at some point. Animal Crossing, assuming it doesn’t become littered with microtransactions should be decent as well. I also hope I can enjoy the sci-fi RPGs, The Outer Worlds and Starfield.

I’ve really stopped caring about movies. I was a cinephile in school, but since then movies have become so homogenized. Super hero movies were fine when there wasn’t 5+ of them a year. I kind of miss one-off movies that weren’t apart of a franchise. Hell, even so-called Oscar-bait is all the same, It’s usually a period piece about either how great show business is or the struggle of a person who has x-disability and/or apart of Y race or sexual orientation. It is just so cynical and superficial.

I’m sure I will pick up the Blu-Ray of the resolution and supposed final chapter in the Avengers saga, Endgame as well as the supposed finale to the Star Wars saga. John Wick 3 is about the only other movie that I can even remotely muster any feelings about. There is supposed to be a new Star Trek series with Patrick Stewart. After the lackluster disappointment at the handling of Discovery, I will follow it with very cautious optimism. I’m sure all my returning favorites will be fine whenever I find time to actually get around to them.

Maybe it’s too early to tell, but this doesn’t seem to be an exciting year for entertainment. I’m sure that there are things on the horizon that will come as huge surprises. There will probably be some big announcements this summer as well. However, right now, there is just nothing thrilling on the horizon. I can only hope that will change.


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