Fix – Dual Shock 4 No Longer Connects To PS4

Ren And Stimpy Angry DadI like my PS4, but damn does it cause me headaches. Here is a problem I came just across, My DS4 controller that I use exclusively with my PS4 decided it didn’t want to connect to the PS4. I plugged it in via USB, pressed the reset button, but it still wouldn’t connect. I even got my spare that I use for multiplayer and streaming to my Mac and even that wouldn’t connect. I searched for an answer and found bits and pieces of what to do but nothing that worked in whole.

Here is how I eventually solved the problem.

First, you need a USB keyboard. I bought a small handheld wireless USB keyboard for just such occasions and I highly recommend one for anyone with a game console, Raspberry Pi, or Media Center PC setup.

  1. Plug in the keyboard to the PS4 and use the arrow keys to get into the Settings.
  2. Arrow down into Devices and press <Enter>.
  3. Go to Bluetooth Devices and press <Enter>.
  4. Delete all instances of DUALSHOCK 4 by pressing <Enter>, Select Delete, and press <Enter> again.
  5. Next, using a paperclip, find the reset button on the back of your controller, and hold it in for a few seconds.
  6. Connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable and press the Playstation Button.
  7. This should allow your PS4 to recognize your controller. If it works correctly, you should see DUALSHOCK 4 pop up on the list with a green circle next to it.
  8. It is also recommended to do a full restart of your PS4, as keeping it in standby for a length of time allows these kind of glitches to proliferate.

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