Just A Reminder…

An image is not an argument.

My biggest pet peeve on the internet is that people equate image macros with arguments. Internet discourse has become a series of images mixed with personal attacks. Since becoming mainstream, the internet has dramatically increased the number of information channels people have access to giving them the ability to pick and choose which of thousands of information aggregators to filter that information through. Inevitably this means that people choose sources that mirror their beliefs and politics rather than which ones are the most informative and, more importantly, factual. Just as the amount of information has increased, so has the amount of disinformation, or more accurately, bullshit (an unavoidable consequence of giving everyone, including me, a voice).  The ramifications of all of this is that we as a culture have become super polarized (listening only to our own personal echo chambers) and the overwhelming amount of information has made attention spans dwindle. Add anonymity to the mix and we have a society of radical misinformed fuckwads.

Listen, I know it is easy to just post a picture with some pithy saying in lieu of making an actual, thought out argument but it is just plain lazy and ultimately meaningless. Any idiot (including me) can add text to a picture, that doesn’t make it true. Please, for the sake of society, if you have an actual argument, write it. If you are in a discussion, listen (or read) the other sides arguments and not just ignore what they are saying and call them Hitler. In fact, childish name calling is just doing your argument a disservice. Don’t think of the other side as “opponents” and realize that they are people who are just as intelligent as you with different circumstances and points of view. Lastly, you can agree to disagree as not all issues are simple and black and white.

Please, we live in a civilized society and the Internet is the greatest technological marvel ever designed, treat it with the respect that it deserves and don’t act like a fuckwad. Remember, an image is not an argument.


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