Hello 2016

Captjc V6 SmallSo this is New Year’s and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun.

Hello 2016, pleased to meet you. I know that some bad stuff is going to happen, I will inevitably lose some people whose work and presence I enjoy, there will be a bunch of loonies telling me to vote for them because they are better than those other loonies, and there will be some things that I really want to be awesome that will totally suck. It is the same every year. However, I don’t want that to sour our relationship. No, today we have just met for the first time and I am going to take the optimistic route, hold out my hand and say “2016, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Right now, I just want to talk about the positives. I already aired my grievances about the upcoming election and the current state of the political scene, so I am not going to discuss that here. Instead, I just want to talk about the positives. I want to talk about the things that i believe are going to make 2016 the best year yet.

lawnmower-manFirst, video games. This could be the year of Virtual Reality. The Oculus Rift is slated to be launched sometime this year, and supposedly so is Sony’s Playstation VR. CES looks like it will be the battleground of the VR technologies, and after listening to the VR community gushing on and on about the Oculus Rift, I am cautiously excited. Unlike the Lawnmower Man, I don’t believe that VR is a route to powers that conjurers and alchemists used centuries ago. But I do believe it could be some immersive fun that can bring new ways to explore new game worlds or new types of immersive art.

Also slated to be revealed is the Nintendo’s new NX Project. Is it a portable? A home console? Both? Neither? Only time will tell, but I am excited. I also have good hopes for new installments in the Deus Ex, Uncharted, Mass Effect, XCOM, Ratchet And Clank, Metroid Prime, Mirror’s Edge, Starfox, and South Park franchises. Actually, the only game I am looking forward to that isn’t a sequel, prequel, side story, or reboot is No Man’s Sky. This looks to be a fun space exploration game.

Batgirl Grope

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!

Just like games, it seems the only movies I am looking forward to are sequels, side-stories and a reboot. Star Wars: Rogue One is a Star Wars movie with Alan Tudyk, so yes, please. Deadpool is the adult big screen adaptation of my favorite demented anti-hero, Deadpool. Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad are DC’s response to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The last three movies I am not so much excited about as much as I just don’t hope they are horrible. As a fan of the Star Trek, I hated the reboot movies. The next sequel, Star Trek Beyond is set to debut this year. With Simon Pegg writing the script, I am willing to at least give it a chance. This also coincides with the 50th anniversary and the possible return to the small screen. Next is a belated sequel to the best 1950’s scifi movie which had the bad fortune to be released in 1996, Independence Day 2. Lastly, as a big fan of the Ghostbusters, growing up with the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and toys, when I heard that not only was this being remade, but with an all female cast I was ready to hate it. While I don’t find Melissa McCarthy funny, and still find the idea egregious, I will try not to be the cynical asshole and not immediately hate it before it even comes out.

I want to believe this will be a great year. I want to believe that my wishes will come true and I will have a year of great prosperity and happiness. I want to believe that the new X-Files miniseries is going to blow my mind. The truth is out there. “2016, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.I want To Believe


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