E3 2015 Wrap-up

Captjc V6 SmallThis has been one of the better E3 seasons in a while. This generation of consoles have been firmly established so it’s just lots of good games. Also, if there was one theme of this show it was playable female protagonists. As someone who isn’t a fan of the “Large ‘roid-raging Space Marine”, the ability to play as a strong female character is a refreshing change of pace. Besides, if I am going to stare at a character’s ass for 20+ hours, I would prefer it at least be a nice-looking ass. Hopefully this will not be a fad but will continue well into the future.

From Microsoft’s offerings, I find I actually might be swayed into buying an XBone before this generation is out. The selective backwards compatibility was great news, although, it is not for all titles but requires active participation by publishers. So, while I can expect Microsoft-published titles to be available, I doubt my copy of Ghostbusters: The Video Game or Deadpool will be as lucky. The Rare Collection also looks really good. As for Halo 5, I am sure it will be on my short list of games when I pick up an XBone in a year to two after the inevitable slim-model-redesign and a price drop or two.

Nonspecific Action Figure ApprovesNintendo had a damn nice list of offerings as well. I am really stoked for Super Mario Maker. It is really shaping up to be a Mario Paint sort-of sequel / LittleBigPlanet-type game that looks just like pure fun. Plus, anything that allows me to fly around with the Super Mario World cape again is just the icing on the cake! I can’t wait for Hyrule Warriors on 3DS. The original is a great game and having it portable will make it just so much better. Star Fox Zero looks good, but I am a bit skeptical on the control scheme. I remember being excited for Star Fox Command only to get it day one to find out it was nearly unplayable due to the forced touch-screen controls. Triforce Heroes looks like a fun successor to the Four-Swords games. The ROB and KK Slider Amiibos will probably be impossible to find as always (not that I won’t try).

Last is the Metroid game we deserve but not the one we need. Listen, I love Metroid and Metroid Prime as much as the next Nintendo fan, but all this hate before we even get a chance to see the game in action is just ridiculous. Plus the petition to get the game canceled just reinforces the stereotype that gamers are a bunch of self-entitled children. I for one will wait for the game to come out before I make an opinion. Besides, if there is one genre lacking on the 3DS, it is first-person games. Not counting original DS games,  we have the lackluster Moon Chronicles remaster and that is about it.

Sony had a really good offering, so much so that I finally have the impetus to get a PS4 come this Holiday season. Uncharted remasters as well as the forthcoming Uncharted 4 look pretty fun. The park ranger simulator Fire Watch could be interesting. No Mans Sky might give me my fix for space combat and exploration that is getting harder (or at least more expensive) to get  in more recent times. I miss the days of single player space sims. Modern ones are basically MMOs like EVE or Chris Robert’s Star Citizen or horribly complicated like the X series. One item which wasn’t widely reported was Sony finally release a Media Player for PS4 to allow for DLNA and movie playback on the PS4. This is one of the reasons I love the PS3 as it acts as a nice media center to stream my ripped DVDs and Blu-Rays to my TV.

The biggest reason I want a PS4 isn’t so much the Sony exclusive games so much as the third party titles coming out. Boy there are some good games coming out. Mass Effect Andromeda is probably the closest I will get to a Star Wars Action RPG that isn’t The Old Republic. However, Star Wars Battlefront still looks amazing. The new Deus Ex will probably be awesome as always. Adr1ft could be pretty fun as it looks like Gravity The Game. On the PC Side, XCOM 2 will probably be great as Firaxis rarely disappoints. Also, World Of Tanks developer Wargaming has announced a reboot to the classic Master Of Orion series. While I hope it is as good as the original or MOO2, There is always the spiritual successor Galactic Civilizations and their in-development sequel GalCiv 3.

This was a damn good year. While I didn’t get everything I hoped for, I can say that the next year or two should be pretty damn sweet for gaming (assuming my wallet can withstand the oncoming barrage).


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