Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015.

Captjc V6 SmallAs is the tradition of New Years, this is a retrospective write up of the previous year, while also cataloging the what I look forward to in the coming year. Maybe this was a lackluster year, or maybe I am just becoming blasé in more recent years, but last year was just…forgettable. Don’t get me wrong, there were some ups and downs but nothing that I will be looking back on in solemn contemplation for decades to come.

We lost some awesome people including, DEVO’s Bob 2, Robin Williams, Sid Caesar, Harold Ramis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eli Wallach, Richard Kiel, Bob Hoskins, and creator of 70s and 80s TV shows, Glen Larson. We had Russian Premier and James Bond villain, Vladimir Putin starting shit in Crimea, an outbreak of irrational panic over Ebola, a sexy new terrorist organization taking over the news and the Middle East, Morons voted for morons, and we witnessed the incredible idiocy of CNN’s single-minded obsession for missing airlines. Dr. Dobbs Journal, the last great Computer programming periodical shut down. We lost the Colbert Report but gained Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Lastly, outside of a handful of summer blockbusters, it was also a dull year for movies.

The only thing that was even remotely interesting was video games. It was a strong year for Nintendo with Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Zelda: A link Between Worlds, and Bayonetta 2 among others. It was also a pretty sweet year for Indie games with Goat Simulator, Talos Principle, Transistor, and Jazzpunk. There was also some interesting games such as Civilization: Beyond Earth, Alien Isolation and Dragon Age: Origins. Oh, and Geometry Wars is back from the dead as well!

BTTF2As for looking ahead to 2015, We have a fresh new Star Wars movie that will be free from the exhausted creative control of George Lucas. In anticipation of the movie, we also have a new installment of the great Star Wars Battlefront series. However, word from a well known future documentary says that within the next 10 months, we should have hover boards, flying cars, self-drying coats, self-lacing sneakers, dehydrated pizzas, and 18 sequels to Jaws.

So, here’s to you 2015, please don’t let us down!


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