Looking Forward to E3 2014

Banana Iwata

Well it’s that time again, only one week to E3. So, as I sit here on my macbook, listening to god-awful William Shatner covers of popular songs, I shall give my hopes for next week. There are so many games I want to play yet so much waiting to do.



First I am stoked to hear about Civilization: Beyond Earth. This is the spiritual successor to one of the greatest turn-based strategy games, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. As a fan of both Alpha Centauri and Civilization V, my wallet is ready!  From Sony, I can’t wait to see what’s new for the PS4 and I really want to see a preview for the new Uncharted game. I am cautiously optimistic about Alien: Isolation. Needless to say, after the disaster of Colonial Marines, I will wait for the reviews. While I’m not holding my breath, it would be great to hear more information on the supposedly not-canceled Prey 2. It was announced at E3 a few years ago with some truly beautiful screenshots and then fell off the map. I am hoping for more information on LA Noir creator, Team Bondi’s next game, Whore Of The Orient. Next is CD Projekt RED’s upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. There should be a sequel to Ubisoft’s much neglected Beyond Good & Evil. There seems to be an interesting-looking remake of the arcade classic, Gauntlet. Lastly, there is Batman: Arkham Knight. I want it to be a great game, but none of the sequels have completely lived up to the sheer awesomeness of the original Arkham Asylum.

As much as I can’t stand EA and their Origin platform, they do make some fun games. I am hoping to hear more about Bioware’s latest game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. I have been in love with Bioware games since Knights of the Old Republic through Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and the first Dragon Age. While the second game was a bit of a disappointment, I nevertheless am still optimistic about the next chapter. On a related note, I am hoping for an announcement about Mass Effect 4. Following EA’s sequel-fest is Mirror’s Edge 2. The first was a unique experience that was a platforming first-person adventure in a world full of first-person shooters. The Sims 4 seems like it could be interesting. I was surprised about how much I enjoyed The Sims 3, so maybe The Sims 4 might be worth a sale-price purchase.

Lastly on the EA front, they acquired one of the most promising properties in the industry: Star Wars. I am really curious to see what they are doing with this. There was the announcement of Battlefront 3 being developed by DICE, so I have high hopes knowing that they do make very solid games. I just hope it isn’t an online-only game that ends up being pay-to-win crap as EA seems to love. I am hoping for some type of space flight sim akin to X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I would love a Bioware entry as well — KotOR 3, Mass Effect with lightsabers, or some sort of spiritual successor to the Jedi Knight series.

Then we have the Big N. I expect more information on Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, and the as-of-yet not completely announced forthcoming Legend of Zelda game. What I am hoping for is a confirmation to some of the rumors that have been flying around: StarFox U, Metroid 3DS, and Majora’s Mask 3DS. There was the on-again-off-again rumor about a new Seaman game for 3DS. There were rumors about Nintendo showing off experiences that can only be had with the Wii U Gamepad. Lastly there was the rumors about GameCube games on Virtual Console. While I would love to see some GameCube games, I want to see a complete parody with the Wii Virtual Console (at least all NES, SNES, and N64 games) as well as more games, period. Right now, the VC is a barren wasteland with a dozen-or-so NES games and a handful of SNES and GBA games. I really want them to do a cross-buy program that allows one to buy a VC game on the Wii U and play it on the 3DS.

In conclusion, my prediction for E3: Pain. However, while there are plenty of things I am looking forward to, the real gems are usually the unexpected announcements and new IP. I am also curious about how Apple’s announcement of a new DirectX-like graphics API and rumors of them turning the AppleTV into a home console will influence what we see this year. Maybe we will see some AAA iOS games announced. Either way, this will hopefully be great year to be a gamer!



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