Web Comic Scrapers Update

Captjc V6 SmallI wanted to find a new way to enjoy my favorite web comics without the need for an Internet Connection. Plus since I have a iPad and a Kindle, I felt that I needed a way to get these comics on my eReaders. I have written a simple python script to download the entirety of my favorite web comics into a folder. It came mostly as a test of the BeautifulSoup HTML parser library for python.

These web comics are ad supported. Please view them through their website. These scripts are for personal use with the intentions of making a portable offline copy. Please do not use them to pirate their content.

Note: these programs are hacks that rely on the layout of the webpage in which they are hosted. If the layout changes in the slightest, they may no longer work. They are also not written with usability in mind and are therefore made available with no warranty whatsoever.

Requires Python 2.6 or better. Will not work with Python 3.0+

To install, unzip folder. Open the folder in a command prompt and type “python scrape_<Comic Name>.py” (e.g. “python scrape_xkcd.py“). Images will download in that folder.

(Because Angelfire is a dick, Right Click on a link an select “Copy Link Address” and then paste it into a new tab)


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