I got a 3D Printer!


So I finally bought a 3D Printer – an Afinia H-Series! I’ve been told that they were easy to use, and ready to print almost straight from the box. They are, however towards the mid-end of the hobbyist printer market at around $1600. Much cheaper than a Makerbot Replicator 2x but also not as large of a print surface (5 in3 compared to 9.8 x 6.3 x 5.9 in) and only a single extruder but also more expensive and easier to use than the many sub-$1000 kit printers. I believe that between the ease of setup and use as well as the fairly good print quality justifies the somewhat high price tag. However, this is a hobbyist printer, so don’t expect to get industrial-quality parts without quite a bit of post-work. This also isn’t anywhere close to being on par with a Million-dollar Stratasys industrial printer (which if you have access to, are really sweet). The last caveat is the print time. The Mac Icon below took around 2.5 hours, the Yo-Yo (which I also designed) was around 5 hours, the shuttlecraft was about 6 hours (not counting painting), and the Macintosh pencil holder was about 8 hours.




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