E3 2013 – My Hopes and Expectations

MiiIt’s that time of year again, The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brightly, and the sweet smell of flowers is in the air; so it is only natural that we start talking about video games. Yes, it is time for E3. What will we get? What will be the next new thing? Most importantly, what will I be blowing my hard-earned cash on?

The biggest thing to look forward to is the new console generation. We know quite a bit about what games are coming for the PS4 but know next to nothing about the console itself. Meanwhile we know quite a bit about the Xbone (Seriously, XBox One is a terrible and confusing name) but next to nothing about the games. To be honest, I am less than enthused about the next generation. I enjoy Sony’s first party library (Little Big Planet, Uncharted, etc.) but not enough to buy a new console, especially when my PS3 is such already such a good media center and the PS4 has no backwards compatibility. I enjoyed the 360’s exclusives but I can’t stand the console after Microsoft turned the interface into a clunky mess of advertisements. Plus I have a pretty good gaming PC to play the multi-platform games.

I’m most excited for Nintendo’s announcements. I’m hoping for news involving a new Zelda as well as a preview and dates for the new Smash Bros and Mario Kart. I would also love to see something about an F-Zero, Starfox, or Metroid game. The Wii U is in a pretty bad position, the only thing that can save it is games, games, and more games. Frankly, Mario and Kirby are getting pretty old. I also can’t wait to see a final preview of Pikmin 3 and the Wonderful 101. I’m expecting to see some type of Wii U price drop as well. On the 3DS front, I want to see some new games as well as the announcement of finally integrating Nintendo Network accounts and Miiverse to the 3DS. I just want to be able to access the Dafoeverse on the go!

Other things I’m looking for is a final release date for Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. I’m curious to see what EA is going to do with the Star Wars license, what Bioware has been working on, and maybe even an announcement of Mirror’s Edge 2. Speaking of evil companies, I also want to see more on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and see more news on Beyond Good and Evil 2. Lastly, news on Batman: Arkham Origins, Prey 2 and  XCOM: The Bureau will also be welcome. Of course, the best stuff that comes out of E3 is the kind of stuff that nobody expects so hopefully there will be a few great surprises in store for us.


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