Jc’s Program Short List

New computer or just reinstalled your OS? Don’t want to skim my complete list for the must-haves? Here is the list for you. This is the list of the default programs I install right off the bat on computers I work on. These aren’t so much the best-of-the-best as the standard utilities to make a truly usable system.

Updated: January 2018

PC (Windows)


  • MacPorts: a BSD Program repository and Installer based on the FreeBSD Ports
  • Malwarebytes: Malware Scanner
  • TextWrangler: General Purpose Text Editor
  • UnArchiver: A Powerful Unarchival tool supporting many file types
  • VLC: Swiss Army Knife of Media, Plays everthing from MP3s to DVDs
  • XQuartz: The X11 Server for Mac (X11.app)
  • XScreensavers: The Original OpenGL Screen Hacks For linux now for Mac

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