Whiteboards, Lube, and Me (Or How to Restore A Dry-Erase Board with WD-40)

I love whiteboards. When my whiteboard stopped erasing, I figured I would have to pitch it and buy a new one. Because I like large writing surfaces, that isn’t exactly cheap. What I found was that WD-40 will not only clean the un-erasable markings on the board but will help to restore the surface. Assuming the board isn’t physically damaged, it works wonders.

All you really need is a can of WD-40 and a roll of Paper towels.

  1. Clean the board as best as you can with your erasers
  2. To clean the board, spray some WD-40 on the dirty parts of the board. You don’t need to soak it, just coat it.
  3. Scrub with the paper towels. Depending on how big and dirty the board is, it could take a while and a lot of paper towels.
  4. Once the board is clean, spray the entire board with WD-40 and spread it evenly with the paper towels.
  5. Not exactly required but I recommend you take this time to clean your erasers. Dirty erasers aren’t going to clean the board, just smudge it.

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