E3 thoughts.

It is almost the end of the second official day of E3. It was disappointing as there were very few things that caught my eye this year. I have already posted my thoughts on Nintendo’s announcements so this post will be (mostly) Nintendo-free. I am a predominately PC gamer, and occasionally play XBox 360 games. However, not everything was lackluster and there were a few gems to be had.

I hate Ubisoft. They treat their PC gamers like shit. As such, I try to avoid their games (PC and console) on principle. Until now they haven’t released anything I really felt compelled to play. That said, Watch Dogs looks amazing. While I doubt I will pick up the PC version, i might consider a Wii U version. I like how there is an iPad companion app that allows you to interact with a friends game, either to help or even to harass. With any luck, they could release both for the Wii U. While I am on the topic of games encumbered with DRM, SimCity also looked good. I really wanted to like it, but I will totally pass on it if it requires a constant internet connection or if it requires Origin.

The bad news came out that Star Wars Battlefront 3 was officially canceled by “psychopaths.” However, Star Wars 1313 looks great. I am willing to give LucasArts one more chance. Hopefully they won’t let me down. I never really got into the Tomb Raider series, but the Tomb Raider prequel looked like it might be enjoyable. Crysis is one of my 195 (as of writing this) games I own but still need to play. Crysis 3 looked beautiful. Now that Crysis 2 has been posted back on Steam, I might pick it up on the next Steam sale. XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks amazing. It seems that the next Star Trek game will feature a return of the Gorn.

I don’t like my XBox 360. I has a great controller and I like some of the exclusives such as Halo, but the dashboard is clunky and filled with nothing but ads and many of the features are held hostage by XBox Live Gold. To make it worse, I originally bought it as a media player but Windows Media Center is horribly laggy, I can’t store videos on the hard drive, and most of my video collection won’t play natively without transcoding. Needless-to-say, I have been following the Playstation 3 over the last year. I am also a Nintendo fan, so when I seen the Smash Bros clone, Playstation All Stars Battle Royal and the kart racer, Little Big Planet Karting, I was more than a little skeptical. When Smash Bros was announced last year that it will be released on both Wii U and 3DS and feature some sort of cross compatibility, I was stoked. When Battle Royal announced the same thing (with the Vita) this year, it seemed like shameless copying. However, I may consider getting both games (when I can afford to pick up a PS3) as they do look fun.

Speaking of raining on Nintendo’s parade, there is Microsoft’s Smart Glass. Why buy a Wii U when you can do the same thing with your Xbox and a tablet, smart phone, or Windows 8 computer? I doubt it will keep many people from buying the system unless it has a big push for developer adoption. Developers don’t really like programming for things that don’t come with the system out of the box. The next thing is Internet Explorer for XBox. This might be useful if it isn’t gimped by XBox Live. Halo 4 looked good as always. While I haven’t gotten around to playing Gears of War, Gears Judgement looked interesting. Angry Birds Kinect…I mean Wreckateer also looked amusing.

All-in-all, a disappointing year. At the very least there are still some things to look forward to.


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