Adventure Games, Dual Widescreen Monitors, Tablets and You.

It is no secret that I love adventure games. Specifically, the old point and click games by Sierra and LucasArts from decades past. More recently, Telltale Games has taken the prize of the best in genre. I went to get my game on with a Sam and Max (Great games, by the way) marathon by playing the entire season 1. That is when I noticed that the Season 1 doesn’t support widescreen resolutions. Oh, well it is just a cosmetic issue, whatever. After a few minutes of playing, it jumped to the desktop. WTF!? It is like the games that don’t disable the Windows key–just straight to the desktop. I vow to be more careful next time and get back to playing. A few minutes later it does it again.

After a couple incidents, I figure out what is going on. I have a dual widescreen setup. It doesn’t seem to be bounding the mouse to the screen, only the pointer. If I move the pointer to the edge of the 4:3 screen, the pointer stops. If I keep moving and click the button, “Hello Desktop!” I am not exactly sure if it because of the widescreen resolution, the second monitor, or the combination of the two. Anyway, how did I fix the situation? A graphics tablet!

Drawing TabletI bought a pen tablet when I built my computer. I was hoping to do drawings and stuff in Paint.NET and Inkscape. Between Inkscape crashing when ever I use the tablet and the fact that I have no artistic talent whatsoever has left it fairly unused. It has a neat little feature (or bug) in that it is locked to the main screen. It is also a 4:3 tablet mapped to a 16:9 screen so anything that I draw is stretched longways. However, a 4:3 tablet locked to a 4:3 box is a perfect match. Point and click games also seem more natural with a pen as well. So my advice is that if you like old adventure games (should work with ScummVM, and any game that uses the Windows mouse input (so, probably not DOS games with out DOSBox) and have a widescreen and/or dual monitors then buy a cheap pen tablet.


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