HOW TO: Big Lebowski Mirror

I was always liked the “Man of The Year” mirror from The Big Lebowski. I found one on Amazon for ~$50! I realized I could probably make one for a couple of dollars (or ‘bones’ or ‘clams’ or whatever you call them). Granted, it probably isn’t a good as the expensive one, it is cheap and “good enough” as an art piece, though not as great as an actual mirror.

Materials: Color printer, transparencies, a cheap 8×10 mirror (I got mine at a dollar store) and an 8×10 picture frame. Tape and scissors recommended.


  1. First get the template image from here (or if that doesn’t work, here).  Also note, this image is sized for an 8×10″ printed on an 8.5×11″ sheet.
  2. Print this out on a transparency (I recommend flipping the image horizontally in Paint so when you print the picture it will look glossy).
  3. Next remove the mirror from whatever crappy frame it is in.
  4. Cut the image to fit the mirror and frame.
  5. Lastly place the transparency and mirror in the picture frame and close it up. You may need to tape the transparency to the mirror.

Note: For best results, clean the mirror, transparency, and glass from the picture frame before assembly.

EDIT: Because this seems to be the most popular thing on my blag, I have decided to post my completed mirror. I haven’t done so because I was too lazy to rummage through my closet to find my camera.

A little foggy, but it still works!


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