ForumWarz – The Game of Intarweb Pwnage.

I have recently been engrossed in the free Internet-based game, Forumwarz. It can best be described as a Massively Single-player online game of internet Pwnage. The object is to “pwn” forums on a fake version of the internet. As either a Troll, Emo, or Camwhore, the player takes on various missions to take down and infect forums through the use of attacks and a steady regime of drugs. The game play is similar to many turn-based RPGs — Get a mission, stock up on supplies, Battle, and level up. Missions get money to buy supplies. Community forums give a nice place to level up. To keep you with a steady supply of cash (in in this case Flezz), everyday strangers will send you useless crap which can be sold to buy more supplies.

The environment is wonderful. To say that this game is offensive is an understatement. It is just plain FUCKED UP! It parodies internet and pop cultures while including enough crude humor and sexual perversions to make Fred Phelps shit his pants.

I Highly recommend Forumwarz to anyone with a sick and demented sense of humor.


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