Gaming Keypads and Retro Gaming

Video Games - AtariNote: This is not sponsored by any company nor is this a review of any specific product. While I do mention my specific device, this should apply any and all programmable gaming keypads.

As a programmer and a PC gamer, I have an affinity towards programmable gaming keyboards. The ability to create macros on the fly is invaluable both in a game and in an IDE. While I always liked the idea of a gaming keypad, I never really could justify the high price since I already use a programmable gaming keyboard. However, when I found one on sale I bought it without hesitation. I figured, even if I don’t like it for gaming, I could always take it to work and use it with my laptop for programming.

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Fix – Dual Shock 4 No Longer Connects To PS4

Ren And Stimpy Angry DadI like my PS4, but damn does it cause me headaches.┬áHere is a problem I came just across, My DS4 controller that I use exclusively with my PS4 decided it didn’t want to connect to the PS4. I plugged it in via USB, pressed the reset button, but it still wouldn’t connect. I even got my spare that I use for multiplayer and streaming to my Mac and even that wouldn’t connect. I searched for an answer and found bits and pieces of what to do but nothing that worked in whole.

Here is how I eventually solved the problem.

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2016: I Picked The Wrong Year To Quit Being A Cynical Asshole


Last year, I made a resolution to quit being that guy. In 2015, I believed that I had reached a level of jaded cynicism that I probably haven’t been since I was a brooding teenager. I vowed to look 2016 head on and be excited at what I was to experience, to hope for the best with what was to come, and above all, to not be that vat of negative energy that sucks all the joy out of life. I have been around too many people like that and I didn’t want to become one myself, dammit!

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E3 2016 – We Are VR Troopers

lawnmowerman2Another E3 has come and gone. We have new hardware and software to look forward to. It almost seems like Sony and Microsoft want people to believe that this generation is over and a new one is just beginning. The biggest push in the coming months seems to be VR.┬áThis technology has peeled back a layer to reveal another universe. Virtual reality will grow, just as the telegraph grew to the telephone – as the radio to the TV – it will be everywhere.

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E3 2016: Living On Hopes and Dreams

Murray_The_Demonic_Skull_by_8bfAnother year, another E3. I have been becoming less and less enthused as E3 is used less to show off what games are coming out and used more to show non-gameplay videos to promote pre-orders for games that may or may not come out 2 or 3 years from now. Worse, the last week was such a build up of hype just for E3’s hype. That said, there are still some games I am hoping to see more information on.

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